Moerk Water provided 800 villagers in Uripiv Island, Vanuatu with a solar powered desalination unit, delivering 2,300 - 3,000 litres per day of fresh drinking water.

Inadequate water supply has been a constant challenge for the people of Vanuatu, and the island of Uripiv is no exception. This additional water source is a happy addition to life for the 800 villagers, their school students and their health care centre, especially now during times of drought.

Their new plant means the people of Uripiv Island will no longer have to travel long distances for potable water and, as the island has no central electricity supply, the solar power supply gives them daily access to water on their own island.

Television Blong Vanuatu covered the installation in their News broadcast on 7th September, reporting on the local problems with water supply and referring to Moerk Water as a “renowned Australian company”.

Moerk Water thanks the Uripiv community for their financial contribution to the project and for their wonderful hosting of the installation team. The people of Uripiv Island gratefully acknowledge the assistance of funds provided by German, Australian and US donors, the US Peace Corps and the Vanuatu government. Moerk Water thanks Roger Sutter from V2Life Vanuatu for making this project happen and thank him and his team for the excellent collaboration.



"We've never gone past 1 December before without a big rain to end the dry season here on Uripiv.  But we're still waiting for the big rain to come this year."  
"You can see in the photos that people are using the water! 

"I don't know of any family (including our own) that has any rain left in rain tanks.  We are all depending on the desalination project for clean water at the moment." 

"You will see in the photos that the Uripiv people areeven sharing the water with family members from a nearby island that have even less water than we do." 
"There are still some improvements that community would like to make to the distribution system, but just having water this year is a big enough blessing. 
We can't say thank you enough for all you have contributed" 

- Brad Jones, Mission Volunteer.

Date: September 2018

Location: Uripiv Island, Vanuatu

Project Outcomes

  • Solar powered desalination plant

  • 2,300 - 3,000 litres per day of fresh water

  • Safe drinking water for 800 villagers and their schools and health care centre

  • Peace Corps and V2Life collaborated in the project


Equipping Communities

Celebrations as the Fresh Water Flows

Moerk Water in the Vanuatu TV News