Smart Unit

Mörk Desalin® Smart Unit RO100SW / RO200SW

To improve the drinking water supply – particularly in coastal areas in developing countries – we have developed the innovative Mörk Desalin® plant concept, featuring the following points: 

  • Self-Sufficent (through 100 % Renewable energy supply)
  • Sustainable (Chemical free drinking water production)
  • Reliable (German quality – Systems built to last)

Our plants are self-sufficient in that they use 100% renewable energy, are culturally adapted to regional value creation, and are simple to operate and maintain.

The plants get installed mainly coastal areas. For the drawing of seawater, a well that is already salty is used, or a new well is dug by the coast. As many local materials as possible are used, such as tanks, pipes, foundation and steel frame. The focus of the project is to integrate the plant into local society and culture from the outset. The plant can be assembled from modules according to the specific situation. 

Technical Data

  • 100 & 200 l/h drinking water capacity (WHO Quality)
  • 12+ hours operation time
  • Operation without chemicals
  • Energy efficient unit: 4 kWh/m³
  • 100 % Renewable Energy supply through solar and / or wind
  • Dimensions: approx. 4,50 x 2,90 x 1,80 m

Specially made for remote areas

  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Easy to install without transport infrastructure
  • High local content (Steel work, Pipes, etc.)


Small communities, Islands, Schools, Remote hospitals, hotels