After decades of suffering from a lack of clean water, the Samarae Clinic in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands now has a reliable supply of safe drinking water, ending their chronic water supply problems.

Moerk Water installed a new unit, funded by the German Embassy in Canberra. Clean drinking water at this rural community’s only clinic means that mothers and their newborn babies will now be able to stay for several days before paddling home in their canoes, a far safer outcome than having to leave immediately after delivering their child, which was their only option until now.

Before the desalination plant was installed, the community was dependent on collecting rain water, an unreliable source that does not exist during times of drought. A previous attempt to secure clean water by drilling a well failed when the water it discovered by the drilling team, from CleanWater4Life headed up by Richard Irosea , was found to be brackish.

As with all our installations, our first priority was to equip the local people to operate the plant. A workshop was held at the YWAM base in Honiara that prepared the daily operators who were also trained to maintain the plant. In collaboration with their local team, YWAM's Mark Lerch will service the plant and conduct the ongoing training.

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"Samarae Clinic has moved forward in healthcare provision.
This project has raised the quality of healthcare services
for the people in the community."

Mrs Freda Havea, Assistant Director of Nursing at the Gizo Hospital

During the last three years, the hope of resolving water issues of the clinic
seemed so distant. Hope returned when all the drillers proposed a desalination plant

and an application was submitted to the German Embassy in Canberra.
And the result of that submission is what we are celebrating today.”

Mrs Ristar Jonathan

“I am not only relieved that a critical problem of the clinic has been resolved but now I say goodbye to not knowing whether a mother and her baby are okay after an early exit from the clinic.”
Mrs Ristar Jonathan, Nurse in Charge
and Midwife, Samarae Clinic

Date: March 2018

Location: Samarae Maternity Clinic, Solomon Islands

Project Outcomes

  • Solar-powered desalination plant providing reliable supply of safe drinking water, ending their chronic water supply problems

  • Safe drinking water for staff, mothers and children

  • Funded by German Embassy in Canberra


A Flowing Fountain of Water that will Never Run Dry