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Moerk Water’s Standard Design

Treating brackish and saline water into high quality agricultural water for irrigation and stock through solar powered reverse osmosis technology.


RO500BW Solar

Brackish Water 2,000 – 7,500ppm

Technical Data*

·      Reverse osmosis technology
·      Capacity: 500l/h drinking water
·      Operating power: 2.3kW, 240V/50Hz
·      System pressure: maximum 19bar
·      Pre-filtration: sand filter and cartridge filter
·      Size: roughly 2.3m x 1m x 1.8m plus solar
·      Temperature maximum 40˚C
·      Weight: roughly 650kg plus solar panels
·      Stainless steel frame

·      Solar panels, inverter, battery monitoring

·      Water tanks and well pump, installation and training upon


Customised technology starting from AUD $30,000