In January 2019, Moerk Water celebrated the opening of a new solar powered water purification system in East Cape Village, Papua New Guinea, with East Cape Village and the Administration of Alotau, Milne Bay.

The system produces 1000 litres of safe drinking water per hour to meet the water needs of 800 villagers, the surrounding schools, a nearby health care centre and a local church, servicing approximately 2,000 people in total.

Moerk Water Engineer, Daniel Wagler, worked with the community to complete the necessary steps to successfully provide water to the village. This included assembling the machine and installing the renewable energy supply.

Moerk's unique business model for water provision, has provided women in the community with a new economic opportunity to sell the water. The income generated will secure sustained funds for future expenses such as operation, service, and maintenance. 

The East Cape villagers are now equipped to operate, use and benefit from the Water Purification system independently. 



For many years, since the establishment of East Cape Primary School, water was the major problem. It caused the school to be closed many times. Students learning were destructed caused by water problem. Now the problem is solved by Moerk Water projects. We can now use the water for drinking, washing and cooking.”

- Milar Tovarova, Head Teacher of East Cape Primary School.

“Before the water was installed life was hard searching for water. We had only 1 functioning tank that helped both students and teachers with families so when it was long dry season we would look else where.. but now water is just available at our door steps..we can drink and cook at anytime."

- Karen August, Teacher at East Cape Primary School

“Before when there was just one was quiet tough on us because at times the tank is locked and drinking water was a problem..but now at anytime of the day, we can have drinking water available without we are enjoying the water.” 

- Students of East Cape Primary School

“Good evening Barbara, it’s night over here and I am just getting back from the school. Concerning the water supply, the water is running well. Leo and Wesley are making sure that the water is running everyday and the tank is filled up. Everything is all managed well, concerning the containers, the students bring their own containers to fetch, and now the place is dry, the students are drinking so as the teachers are drinking from the water that has been in stalled. And the community, they come alone with their own containers to fetch water, when water is needed by them. Otherwise everything is under control and have a blessed nights rest if it is also night there, thank you and god bless you and your family.”

- Karen August, Teacher at Easter Cape Primary School

Date: January 2019

Location: East Cape Village, Papua New Guinea

Project Outcomes

  • Solar powered purification system for the village

  • 1000 litres of safe drinking water per hour

  • Safe drinking water for approximately 2,000 people in total

  • Servicing the surrounding schools, healthcare centre and a local church


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