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We facilitate the development of sustainable projects in remote and island communities by bringing together various sectors, such as NGOs, private and public stakeholders throughout Australia and Asia Pacific to provide solar-powered water treatment and sea water purification systems to those who most need it.  

The aim of all our projects is to improve access to self-sufficient and cost-effective supply of drinking water with the principles of ecologically sustainable development.

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 These images were taken in villages similar to Tumbatu that are also on the Zanzibar Archipelago.

These images were taken in villages similar to Tumbatu that are
also on the Zanzibar Archipelago.

TUMBATU, Zanzibar
Clean Water Supply

Tumbatu is a small fisherman island north-west of Zanzibar (East Africa), where 20,000 people live, work and go to school.

Its rich history begins with the Persian seafarers who discovered the island in the 9th Century. Fascinating ruins can still be explored and invite many tourists to this remote island.

While their history is abundant, their water supply is not. Because of the absence of a fresh water supply, scarce rainwater, saline problems and dirty water wells, the people of Tumbatu are in urgent need of safe drinking water.

The Tumbatu people need a solar-powered water desalination plant to provide them with a reliable, long-term water source. It will increase their quality of life and well-being, and decrease sickness and mortality. It will also free up their time and money as they will not have to walk long and dangerous distances to fetch water from wells.

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Hope eV is an independent German NGO founded in 1994 and one of the many organisations Moerk Water collaborate with to bring fresh water to the world's most needy people.

Delivering clean water for children

Health Centre and Primary School

Moerk Water's collaboration with YWAM Medical Ships has brought safe drinking water to remote villages in Papua New Guinea.

The water source they use every day for drinking and washing is not only lacking in quality but in most cases is not even sufficient to last for all the families all year round. We have contributed research on the river water and installed a new desalination plant onboard MV YWAM PNG.

Read more about YWAM's work here and our partnership with them to bring sea water purification to this Pacific community here.

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I want to help this community get fresh water!

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