Somalia’s Kismayo General Hospital was installed with a 100 l/h solar-powered desalination plant with the assistance of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), a German provider of international cooperation services for sustainable development and regular partner with Moerk Water in bringing clean water where it’s most needed. The installation was carried out by the Pamoja Vocational Training Centre from Zanzibar, an NGO Moerk Water has successfully partnered with on previous installations, assisted by the people of Kismayo.

The Kismayo General Hospital treats high numbers of patients from all over Jubaland State and is vital to the health of this commercial capital.

The installation attracted a great deal of attention, including being covered by JubalandTV.

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“These small units are perfect for the small MCH (Mother and child Health) facilities in Somalia. Consume so much less power and the amount of daily production, if used properly is sufficient for small MCH and small hospitals fresh water needs. This is a great project to introduce else where in Somalia. It is very easy to maintain as well. Not complicated. I will say more in my report but I think GIZ should be proud of introducing these machines to Somalia and hopefully to facilities in Somaliland and Puntland in the near future.”

“By the way the foldable solar system for the portable solar desalination system is extremely of high quality. I tested and are exceptionally very efficient! . There is also a good energy meter with the PD unit. Good idea.It records total energy used and status of battery.”

-Max Arte, Technical Advisor and Consultant

Date: October 2017

Location: Kismayo General Hospital, Somalia

Project Outcomes

  • 100 litres of water per hour provided the solar-powered desalination plant installed

  • Safe drinking water for high numbers of patients from all over Jubaland State

  • Assistance from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit(GIZ)

  • Project partnership with Zanzibar Pamoja Vocational Training Centre


Clean Water Aids Somalia’s Recovery