Turning sea water and contaminated water into clean drinking water.

At Moerk, we have a team of specialist consultants with expertise in reverse osmosis water treatment plant design, desalination, and renewable energy. We draw on the expertise of our team in order to provide diverse solutions, tailored to the specific needs of the community. 

Our Story From Zanzibar


Testimonies from local people in Zanzibar where we have been working for over 9 years.

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Integrated Systems

For remote and island communities in Australia and in the Asia Pacific, where clean drinking water isn’t always easily accessible by the families that live there, Moerk Water Solutions has the capacity to provide enough clean water for the daily drinking needs of whole communities.

Our sustainable, self-contained and integrated project design doesn't rely on external power supply, but is instead powered by solar energy or other kind of renewable energy.

Its robust design and reliable technology is easy to operate and maintain, ensuring a dependable source of fresh water long-term.

The integrated systems are built using local labour and, where possible, local suppliers, supporting the local economy from the project commencement. The robust technology is easily maintained by local service technicians, which also provides ongoing employment opportunities within the community. 

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