1. What does the desalination unit do?
An on-site desalination unit purifies saline water, converting it into fresh water that is safe to be used as an alternative water source including use for livestock and irrigation.

2. How will I benefit from installing a desalination unit?
Through implementing our desalination unit, farmers can take control of their water needs, as the on-site decentralised unit allows farmers to choose the quality and quantity of water required. The system also provides resilience and mitigation to the increasing risk of salinity intrusion by providing year-round access to fresh water.

3. What is required to install a desalination unit?
Requirements include:
· A stable water source such as a bore inclusive of a pump
· Brine disposal (vacant land or a pit for saline water)
· Storage tanks for water prior to being desalinated and post
· A Power source, only if you are purchasing the desalination by itself

4. How much does a desalination unit cost?
· A standard mains powered desalination units start from $30,000 + GST
· A unit integrated with solar cost an additional $20,000 + GST The desalination unit integrated with solar power has a payback period of approximately 4 years.

5. How much are maintenance and operation costs?*
The average maintenance and operation costs of a desalination unit are $2000 per year.

6. Is there government funding available that can help cover costs?
Yes, the Federal and State Governments are delivering a ‘National On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme’ for commercial livestock farmers and pastoralists in rural Western Australia for on-farm water infrastructure. Apply at www.dwer.wa.gov.au/NOFEWIRS

NOTE: *expenses depend on the individual circumstances

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