Prior to the installation of the Moerk Water Solutions plant, the village of Buyu suffered daily because of a lack of safe drinking water. Their wells were becoming more and more salty. With no other alternative, they have had to use this water source, which caused numerous diseases, as well as diarrhea, skin diseases and kidney problems. 

Moerk Water installed a environmentally sustainable solar powered desalination plant to provide clean and safe drinking water for the village.

Now the village has regular access to safe, clean water for a minimal investment of time and money compared to the costs of shipping in fresh water.

Download the Potable Water for Zanzibar fact sheet.

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“MOERK Water (now handed over to Pamoja) provides an exceptional desalination system with incredibly high water quality and also fantastic service and reliability. We are very, very happy with the agreement we have with them.”  

- Mike Kelly, Manager, &Beyond

Date: May 2016

Location: Buyu Village, Zanzibar

Project Outcomes

  • 600 people are now being provided with clean water.

    Local ownership of the plant has been created, bringing improvements in social and economic welfare.

    Significant health improvements have been achieved now that the villagers have access to high quality, clean water every day. 


Zanzibar Community Thriving After New Plants

Remote Zanzibar Village Now has Clean Water