The benefits of our water treatment technology

⦁   Easy to transport: the units can be brought to islands by a small boat
⦁    Each part is light and easy to handle, weighing 30kg - 80kg
⦁    Systems are small in size
⦁    Scalable systems available in packages of five or ten plants, adjustable to the needs of the community and healthcare centres
⦁    Local people trained in installation, service and maintenance
⦁    Spare and wear parts: supply chain as much as possible is from the local market, sourcing is considered in the design and engineering phase
⦁   Cost-saving: produce fresh water on site
⦁   Go green: CO2-free water production



Arid areas face specific global water problems: scarcity of fresh water and increasing ground water salinity.

A self-sufficient, solar-powered, brackish water plant deals with these urgent needs, capitalises on free solar energy, provides excellent mixing rates, lowers fertiliser application rates for farms and uses less water overall.

Our plants are environmentally friendly and sustainable and bring long-term solutions to this critical issue. The remoteness of many of the areas hardest hit by lack of fresh water means they rely heavily on renewable energy. With Moerk Water’s solar-powered plants, diesel generators, expensive fuel and pipelines that require ongoing maintenance are no longer needed.



Clean water is essential to good health and development. With a steady, dependable supply of clean drinking water, all members of the community are better able to resist disease and support their body’s immune system.

As their bodies spend less time fighting disease, children are able to grow stronger, setting them up for a healthier future and being able to attend school regularly.



A proven user model encourages local entrepreneurs to operate and maintain their water supply infrastructure and to run it on a day-to-day basis with the possibility to earn their living with it.

As well as the economic benefits for the individual, our small-scale seawater purification systems will provide long-term social stability in the local area by ensuring that basic needs of the community are being met.



Committed to the local community, Moerk Water Solutions provides training to local people who will run and maintain the desalination unit independently. Not only does this develop skills within the community, but also has financial and economic benefits for local people.

These courses also educate the community on water treatment, renewable energy, clean water and hygiene.